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Maryville Care Home

The Frances Taylor Foundation is a modern, diverse and dynamic provider of social care and support.
We work mainly for people with learning disabilities, and also older people. We challenge people to strive for greater independence, and for richer interaction with the people and the world around them. We support people with a wide range of support and care needs, including some people with complex needs arising from a range of disabilities and health conditions, including mental health issues.

Our vision is that people lead life to the full, with their dignity respected, independence supported, and uniqueness valued.

We believe that each person must be at the centre of their world, and of the support and care they may require to lead life to the full in their own way.

We currently work in three parts of the UK: Greater London, Liverpool and Merseyside, and Brighton and Hove. Services offered include: supported living, care homes, day activities and nursing care (for older people). We support around 370 people, and employ around 390 staff (whole time equivalent).

We are a successful not-for-profit enterprise, rooted in the long history and values of an international women’s Catholic Congregation, the Poor Servants of the Mother of God, now a registered charity. We celebrate difference, and we work for, and employ, people of any faith or none.

We are committed to being a great employer, and to developing and training our staff. We believe that everyone has gifts they may use for the benefit of others. Many staff roles are physically or emotionally demanding, but we aim to ensure that our staff have the space and opportunity to offer something of themselves to the people they support.



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    Maryville Care Home 5 reviews

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    5 reviews
    • Azim L

      I have a background in healthcare in the USA. My mother has been here for over a year and I am very pleased with the excellent care given to her. The care is detailed, kind and observant to meet her need and the needs of the service providers. The quality of care in some cases exceeds the care in a lot of care homes in the USA. Thank you so much for your attentive service. God bless.

    • Yulin P

      Maryville Care Home has been an absolute godsend for my mother, especially considering her language barrier. My heartfelt gratitude extends to the Home Manager and her remarkable team for their exceptional care and understanding towards my mother, who no longer speaks English. Home Manager’s ability to communicate in my mother’s mother tongue has been invaluable in ensuring my mother feels understood and comfortable in her new environment. All the staff have been incredibly supportive in helping her settle down. Their patience, empathy, and willingness to bridge the language gap have made all the difference. I visit the care home daily, they take the time to update me on my mother’s day, ensuring I’m always informed and reassured about her well-being. Home itself is well-maintained and provides a nurturing atmosphere. The care team have not only eased my concerns but have also made my mother feel at home, and for that, I’m immensely grateful.

    • P G

      I am so happy with the care given to my sister. She is interested in so many of the activities arranged to stimulate sedentary residents. Her health care is excellent and great consideration is given to her frailty.
      We are always welcomed as family members and the accommodation is pleasant and airy and the food pleasant and nutritious. Thank you.

    • M S

      My visit to Maryville Care Home has always been a pleasure, with a polite and friendly welcome. I can also see how happy and relaxed my mother is when I see her. This is all thanks to the care staff who provide continuous support and attention to my mother and other residents. My mother enjoys the group activities that are provided twice a day. We have discovered that our mum has great talent in watercolour. She enjoys the crafts including pottery and flower arranging. Thanks from the family, Maryville Care Home for all the hard work and for making Mum happy!

    • K R

      On my visit to Maryville Care Home, the first thing I sensed was the wonderful, warm atmosphere. I found the staff very welcoming and attentive to the residents’ individual needs, the residents appear very contented and positive.
      The service was very clean and smelt very fresh, there were no odours. In all, I would recommend this service it was a delight to visit.

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