Children Residential support working/children waking night support worker.

About Candidate

I am a hardworking individual who consistently puts in the effort to achieve my goals. My compassion shines through in my interactions with others be it clients or colleagues, as i genuinely care about their well-being. Being career-driven, I are determined to succeed and excel in this chosen path. I have an innate eagerness and quickness to learn, always seeking  knowledge, and skills to enhance my personal and professional growth. My self-motivation keeps me focused and driven, allowing me to overcome challenges and reach new heights.


As a team player, i understand the value of collaboration and actively contribute to the success of the team. Muy enthusiasm is contagious, inspiring those around me to give their best. I have a hunger for growth and is constantly seeking opportunities to expand my knowledge and expertise. My attention to detail ensures that i deliver high-quality work, leaving no room for errors or oversights.


One of my strengths is being teachable,even when I don’t have a full and deep knowledge of something,i am always open  and willing to learn from others as well as big on feedbacks. This quality allows me to continuously improve and adapt to new situations. Overall, i possess a remarkable combination of qualities that make me a valuable asset in any endeavor i undertake and to any organization I am part of.


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