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Top Home Care Companies in the UK


If you or someone you love and care for is starting to find managing day to day tasks and living completely independently quite difficult, you may be wanting to reach out and get some help. Many do not want to leave the comfort of their own homes, understandably, and so having a carer from a home care company pop in and assist could be the perfect solution. The best home care companies cater for a variety of different needs and requirements from each individual, as well as services that range from pop-in companionship visits to longer care and sometimes even live-in care. If you are wondering what some of the best home care companies are in the UK, and what makes them so good at what they do, keep reading.

What is a Home Care Company?

A home care company offers an alternative to care home living, where instead of an individual moving out of their home and into residential or nursing care, they instead stay in the comfort of their own home and a carer or nurse will come in to assist them with whatever they need. The type of care offered ranges from simple pop in visits for a bit of company to help with medication management, getting in and out of bed and other personal tasks to live in care. Each home care company has its own specialisms and care plans for its clients, depending on what they need and what the home care company can offer them.

Top Home Care Companies in the UK

Here are just a few of the best ranking home care companies in the UK, from all different areas and locations. These can be used as a guide for what qualities, ratings and services you should be looking out for when choosing a home care company for yourself or your loved one.

The Great Care Company, Lincolnshire

The Great Care Company is based in Lincolnshire and offers private yet affordable home care. They are passionate about providing care that meets the needs of each individual, ensuring their independence and happiness whilst they remain in the comfort of their own homes. Their service lengths include pop in visits to round the clock care, so whatever you or your loved one need, they will be able to help provide it to you. They are rated ‘good’ overall by the Care Quality Commission, and have won multiple top 20 Home Care Group Awards over the years.

BelleVie Care, Berkshire

BelleVie Care pride themselves on providing a friendly and compassionate care service to those who need them in their own homes. They offer individually tailored care packages that are designed to suit the needs of each individual that needs help, from personal care and meals to getting out and about and enjoying a social life. They also offer specialist help, such as to those with Dementia, Parkinson’s and cancer, assisting them with day to day tasks and giving them the support they need to remain living in their own environment. BelleVie have recently won four awards at the 2024 Home Care Awards, and are rated as ‘good’ by the Care Quality Commission.

Bridgewater Home Care

Bridgewater Home Care is another award-winning home care company, providing non-medical care to older and vulnerable adults from their own homes. They are passionate about independence, and believe in providing a service that creates a positive impact which is better than standard home care. They offer different types of care, including companionship drop-ins, live in care, end of life and also specialist care for those with medical conditions. This could be things like arthritis or diabetes, or other conditions like MS. They also offer a respite service to give some relief to family or caregivers for a smaller amount of time, but all services are tailored to the individual and what they need best.

Trust Homecare Solution Ltd

Trust Homecare offers support to people so that they can remain living in their homes and keep independent whilst still having some friendly assistance to help them through their days. They offer personal care, such as help getting up and dressed, as well as help out and about, such as to appointments and to the shops, as well as being a friendly companion throughout all of it too. They offer specialist care such as for those with dementia and cancer, and to those who have physical disabilities or need palliative care. From live in care to pop ins to respite, there is a service to suit all needs and requirements.

Saxon Care

Saxon Care helps to keep people independent in their homes by providing a number of services, from live-in care to short visits and even child and young adult care. In their last inspection by the Care Quality Commission, they earned a ‘good’ rating, and have been recognised as one of the top 20 small home care groups by homecare.co.uk in their awards. They also offer respite care to relieve the pressure off friends or family members for a short period of time.

Alpenbest, London

Alpenbest prides themselves on an exceptionally friendly, caring and personal home care service. Their personal home care plans meant that each individual is tailored towards and their wants and needs are listened to when it matters the most. They offer specialist support for a number of different health and care needs, from palliative care to physio exercises to Dementia, as well as companionship and support with household tasks day to day. Their carers are highly trained and offer the best care they can to each individual that they work with, and thanks to this commitment and dedication Alpenbest have also been awarded a CQC ‘good’ standard rating in its last inspection.

Essential Health, Staffordshire

Essential Health offers support to clients in their own homes across their local area, with things like personal care needs, preparation of food and meals, activities such as recreational ones or getting outside for appointments or shopping, domestic help and also specialised care. They are dedicated to training their carers to be the very best they can be, and to offer the highest level of support and care not only to the individual client, but also to their families and loved ones who are also involved in their care. They, being one of the top UK home care companies, also have a ‘good’ rating from the Care Quality Commission.

Blossom Home Care

Blossom Home Care are another top rated home care company in the UK for their dedication to top notch client care. They offer a number of benefits like 50 minute minimum time care visits, ensuring that adequate time is spent with each person, to building holistic care plans around what the client needs and wants, set visit times and also an app based monitoring system for the peace of mind of the clients loved ones. They not only offer home care services, but also dementia care and also complex care for those who need it, and have been the recipient of many home care awards over the years. They operate in locations up and down the country and their philosophy is to provide the best care they can so that their clients can keep enjoying the comforts of their own homes.

Visiting Angels, South Yorkshire

Visiting Angels are located in various places across South Yorkshire and provide care from companionship, personal care, palliative care and also more complex care for those who need it. They hold a ‘good’ rating from the Care Quality Commission, like a lot of other top home care companies in the UK, and prides itself on using local caregivers who are part of the community to see to each individual. The benefit of this is that they know and understand the area and are local to the client, forging a bond before they even begin to know each other. They are person-centered and believe in unrushed and always consistent high-quality care.


When it comes to needing extra support or assistance with a family member or friend, it can be upsetting to think that they might be losing their independence, or even their familiar environment, just because they need a bit of extra help or support. Home care companies like the ones we have discussed in this blog post offer care and support without the person in need having to leave the creature comforts of their own home, keeping them somewhat independent and relaxed in their own, familiar environment. The best home care companies in the UK are the ones that have a ‘good’ or above rating by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), provide a variety of care services to suit different needs, and understand the need to be compassionate, friendly and understanding towards the client. These are all things to consider when choosing a home care company, and are all important to receiving the right type of care that you or your loved one are in need of.

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